La Glass Vallée

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Between the modeler and the mould-maker

Within the production chain of a glass item, the foundry intervenes between the modeler and the mould-maker. The basic material of the various parts constituting a mold is cast iron. For specific applications, certain parts are however made of stainless steel, bronze or nickel-based alloys.

The Bresle Valley is fortunate to have, on site, 2 foundries whose principal output is special cast irons for glassmaking moulds.

The modeler provides a pattern made of plaster (for small batches) or wood (for larger batches). The pattern is then used to manufacture the casting mold out of sand.

Depending on the glassmaker’s instructions, the metal cast in this mold will have different specifications in accordance with the size of the batch to be produced, the dimensions and the qualitative characteristics of the bottles.

A strong cooperation between glassmakers, mould makers and foundries is essential to successful glassmaking.