La Glass Vallée

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Home | The Glass Valley | Audiovisual archives | Collection YSL - Pierre Bergé : Record sale for a bottle of perfume produced in La Glass Vallée
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Collection YSL - Pierre Bergé : Record sale for a bottle of perfume produced in La Glass Vallée

 The sale of the collection "Yves Saint Laurent - Pierre Bergé" knew an unhoped-for success. Among the objects which reached summits, the bottle of perfume "Belle Haleine - Eau de voilette" of Marcel Duchampreached more than $11 million (taxes included).

"Belle Haleine - Eau de voilette", it is the title full of humor that Marcel Duchamp gave to the work which he produced (with the cooperation of Man Ray) in spring, 1921. To create its work, Duchamp hijacked a bottle marketed by the House Rigaud Paris in 1915 for its perfume.


Thanks to La Glass Vallée's members, and in particular the Glass Museum of Blangy sur Bresle and the person in charge Mr Raymond Devaux, we have not only found the place of production but also a copy of the bottle which will soon be showned in the Glass Museum of Blangy.

This bottle of perfume was indeed realized by the Darras glass factory of Blangy sur Bresle. If the glass factory is closed today, the buildings are always existing. We can also have a precise idea of the glass factory in the time of the manufacturing of the invaluable object by consulting the magnificent collection of postcards where the Darras glass factory hold an important place.

We invite you to admire this bottle on the website of Christie's.

When La Glass Vallée works on the valorization of its industrial heritage, this record sale illustrates perfectly the inestimable link between history, know-how and fame among which La Glass Vallée, its 60 companies and its 7000 employees can be proud of. It is so today one of the assets of the future of its world leadership.

William Varrall

Bottle from the Glass Museum : crystal cut and polished on both faces and bottom. Identical motives symbolizing two twigs which cross themselves on the base and which are in this place surmounted with a flower. These decorations are in inlay gritted in the crystal.

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